Mt Compass Recreation Park

In 2017, Outerspace Landscape Architects collaborated with the Alexandrina Council to develop a masterplan to rejuvenate a neglected and underutilised piece of open space in Mt Compass, South Australia. A thorough consultation process was undertaken early on in the concept phase. This process allowed the community to speak broadly about their vision for the space. The big-ticket items that the community gravitated towards were the Skate Park, BMX Track and the Nature Play Area.

A part of the Outerspace team were Convic and The Trail Collective; having specialist experts in their respective fields on our team has allowed the delivery of the project to be seamless and has created a collaborative construction process for the Alexandrina Council.

Currently the Mt Compass Recreation Park project is nearing completion. All the major earth works / shaping of the site, lawns and plantings having been completed and Convic have finalised the construction of the Skate Park. Furthermore, The Trail Collective have now completed Phase one – earth moving, + Phase two – minor shaping, of the BMX Pump Track and are looking at completing the final shaping of the mounds after winter. The project is estimated to be completed in early to mid-September.

Stay posted online with regular updates to be coming over the next few weeks!

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