PARK(ing) Day 2014; Outerspace’s Backyard Birthday Party

PARK(ing) Day is an annual global event started in 2005 in which citizens, artists & activists collaborate to transform car spaces into temporary public places.

This year Outerspace hosted a backyard birthday party in a couple of car park spaces adjacent Hindmarsh Square in the city.

The event coincided with Outerspace’s 10 years of practice celebrations. Our bright, interactive display included familiar backyard elements, as well as beloved party food & party games which were held throughout the day.  Highlights included egg & spoon races, fairy bread, sack races & piñata.  Participants commented that the experience evoked many fond childhood memories.

Our PARK(ing) Day succeeded in bringing a little bit of colour, fun, and unabashed playfulness to a hard, urban, & somewhat ‘adult’ context.

Congratulations to all teams & members of the public who participated on the day, helping to educate & bring joy to our city.

Check us out in the Adelaide Review:

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