Inspiration inspires lasting impressions.

Essentially our work involves looking at a space and reimagining it as a functional environment that is good for nature and good for the people that interact with it. We understood very early on that we sought visionaries, imagineers and those that link client briefs to exciting possibilities and bring the two together. Creative vision meets project management acumen.

We are very proud of our team and the work they have done as well as the projects that will influence the way people live their lives in varying capacities across various settings.

Meet the Outerspace team.

Patrick Graham

Profile pic of Patrick Graham

With a diverse portfolio spanning significant, urban developments to scaled projects, Patrick’s work is recognised for both intricate design and bold character-driven yet functional spaces. He also brings a wealth of experience in collaboration with both community stakeholders and government decision makers as regulations, standards and guidelines apply to many Outerspace projects.

Patrick Graham’s expertise and experience in both the creative and project management sides of landscape architecture have enabled him to oversee, contribute to and deliver award-winning projects for over 30 years.

Kathy Bawden

Profile pic of Kathy Bawden

Kathy Bawden sees a natural correlation between sustainable practices and extending the life cycle of functional design. An appealing precept for clients wishing to enhance brands, benefit the community at large or thoughtfully redevelop areas without disrupting the flow and aesthetics of the surroundings.

Kathy’s work over the last 20 years has revitalised, redeveloped and reimagined spaces across education and recreation facilities, streetscapes and communities in both urban and outlying areas.

Paul Wong

Studio Manager, Adelaide
Profile pic of Paul Wong

A creative pragmatist, Paul is known for plotting a course to the delivery of visually exciting projects including streetscapes, playspace design and environmental rehabilitation. Involvement in successful projects in Victoria and Northern Territory as well as South Australia reflect Paul’s, adaptability and resourcefulness, attributes highly valued in the industry.

Paul’s holistic approach to project management with contract administration and detailed documentation acumen completing the profile of an accomplished senior landscape architect.

Bianca Vallarta

Studio Manager, Manila
Profile pic of Bianca Vallarta

Bianca Vallarta has been a practising designer for more than 10 years handling both large and small scale projects. She is an experienced architect with a post-graduate Master in Landscape Architecture at the University of the Philippines focusing on behavioural, cultural and community-based landscape designs.

Before joining Outerspace, Bianca had experience with multi-disciplinary design teams in Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture in the Philippines, supervising its stages from conceptual up to construction documentation. She also has experience being hands on in her personal projects and joined the academia, teaching architecture while completing her Master’s degree in landscape architecture. Bianca is interested in sustainable and social collaboration of both the built and natural environment, creating harmonious innovative design solutions for both Landscape Architecture and Architecture.

Giovanni Hojilla

Registered Landscape Architect, Melbourne
Profile pic of Giovanni Hojilla

Giovanni is a specialist that sees a project from concept all the way through to completion, adding value at every stage. His experience, both domestically and abroad, incorporates all aspects of construction and project management courtesy of heavy involvement in design and build projects. However, it’s the diversity and accompanying, requisite creativity required of him that allows clients to benefit from a deep reservoir of ideation and context.

Adam Littlefield

Senior Landscape Architect

Amelia Ames

Senior Landscape Architect

Amir Mallonga

Landscape Architect

Beth Pearson

Senior Landscape Architect

Elizabeth Long

Office Manager

Ellen Xing

Graduate Landscape Architect

Laura Johnson

Senior Landscape Architect

Ross Oates

Landscape Architect

Simon Gallucci

Landscape Architect