Dale Street Revitalisation

Safety first, planning and design optimises commercial precinct

Project OverviewProject Overview

Client City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Location Dale Street, Port Adelaide, SA

Safety, traffic flow and more effective carriageways for pedestrians and cyclists are key to keeping modern environments moving. This is especially important in today’s business and shopping precincts. Before finalising the Dale Street revitalisation design process, in-depth and far reaching community consultation was carried out. To ensure adequate coverage and breadth of opinion, door-knocks, newsletter mail outs and displays in public places were undertaken and utilised providing a clear picture of community opinion and needs.

Featuring timber, stone and the judicious selection of plants to complement established trees, Dale Street bears a far more energetic look and feel impacting perception of the area as a whole.

A broad and varied skillset and range of experience was brought forth with Outerspace concepts developed in partnership with Ian Robertson, W&G and Natalie Fuller, and design development and documentation stages in collaboration with W&G and Lucid. The project was successfully completed as the Outerspace team helped deliver a space that readied the area for improved experiences whether on 4 wheels, two wheels or on foot.

Breathing new life into streetscapes

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