Mt Compass Main Street

Paving the way to street-side aesthetics

Project OverviewProject Overview

Client Alexandrina Council

Scope Concept design, design development and documentation

Location Mount Compass, SA

Collaborations Ian Robertson Design

The points at which footpaths, gardens and streets intersect are often an afterthought and as result, an opportunity to enliven the streetscape, lifting it from simply functional to a valued feature, is lost. Outerspace was able to ensure that these opportunities were not lost and built on them by designing ways in which stormwater could be put to good use. In collaboration with Ian Robertson Design, community consultation was sought, adding rigour to the concept planning phase of this landmark revitalisation project.

In place of pedestrian looking walkways lining the main street, visually inviting rain gardens that collected the run-off and flourished are featured. The hardy, resilient plants that aid roadside beautification are a year-round reminder of the benefits of careful selection and local knowledge. Opportunities to sit in comfort and enjoy the surroundings were also brought to life as part of the design.

Being a multidisciplinary organisation, Outerspace was able to collaborate with Wallbridge and Gilbert to prepare documentation ready for construction.

A collaboration that brought beauty and pavements together

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