Water Proofing the South

Water Proofing the South

Client City of Onkaparinga, Leed

Scope Master planning, concept design, documentation, tendering and contract administration

Location Various locations City of Onkaparinga, SA

Collaborations City of Onkaparinga, Leed, Gould Thorpe Planning, PB, Eco-Management Services

Year 2009 - 2013

Awards AILA (SA) Award of Excellence – Land Management 2013

Outerspace were part of the team which delivered the very successful Water Proofing the South project. This work was done in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team and the community through a significant community engagement process.  The project was conducted under an ECI (Early Contractor Involvement) arrangement, ensuring that construction was delivered to a high standard and that the contractor supported the design and the desired outcome.

Stage 1 focused on developing a stormwater capture and reuse scheme for Christies Creek in Adelaide’s southern suburbs and was completed in 2010. Landscape work included replacement of facilities including bridges and a playspace, the creation of trails, and planting of over 20,000 indigenous terrestrial plants.

We were also successful in winning stage 2 works of this significant project, once again with Leed as the lead contractor.  The project scope included design and development of 2 detention basins, 2 wetlands and a large storage dam within existing council reserves.  An integrated master plan was developed which not only considered the stormwater capture and treatment requirements, but also ensured the work made a positive contribution to the recreational opportunities and biodiversity of the sites.

In stage 2 of Water Proofing the South Outerspace’s role included

· working closely with engineers and wetland designers to design the open space adjacent to a number of water detention and wetland areas,

· sourcing the indigenous plants (180,000 terrestrial and aquatic plants)

· superintending the landscape and planting works for all sites

While both projects were essentially water harvesting and storage projects it was critical that the community gained usable and safe recreation space. We incorporated low key seating, viewing areas, circulation and access trails.