A multidisciplinary approach to a singular focus.

Your optimal environment

Creating aesthetic and even stunning landscapes and functional outdoor environments goes well beyond simply envisioning an ideal space, designing and building it. In almost every case there will be challenges that extend to:

  • Approvals and permits
  • Environmental responsibilities
  • Procurement and resourcing
  • Marketability and value adds

Addressing these items and more, is all part of the Outerspace offer as problem-solving, due diligence and proactive investigations are part and parcel of our project management services. As our client, your project will benefit from our cumulative experience that:

  • Identifies potential impediments to project delivery before they ever become an issue
  • Selects committed resources, contracted experts in their respective fields who share a reputation for pride in the finished product
  • Successfully delivers on promises, providing you peace of mind and confidence in our processes
  • Manages a seamless flow from concept to completion, hitting milestones and delivering on time, in full and within budget

Our commitment is evident in everything we do and more importantly, the way we do it – with passion, pride and a sense of adventure and purpose.

These three hallmarks of our work are embedded in the 6 areas of service we provide as a multidisciplinary team, driven by the notion of making a sustainable and beneficial difference for communities and their environments.