What do you really want to see and feel?

Sometimes your vision, your aims and outcomes are not going to flow from a template. Perhaps your idea has sparked the images that no one has yet conceived. This is far from unusual. Outerspace enjoys a long and successful association with selected artists, artisans, furniture designers and fabricators to help bring to life the improbable, the unpredictable and importantly, the unforgettable.

Again, the success of a design and create project is the ability to interpret client desires and translate them into actionable, buildable, effective representations of the brief aspirations. We are fortunate and proud to be associated with visionaries and imagineers who can bring your brief, our ideas and designs to life. Yes, it’s all part of our project management brief but it’s also about continuing to offer opportunities to talented people to do their best work.

When you work with Outerspace, expect to:

  • Be heard, as we are not afraid to start with a blank sheet of paper instead of a set of templates or prefabricated solutions
  • Hear “yes” – a lot. Our mission is to deliver your vision with courage, flair and imagination
  • Challenge and be challenged as we demonstrate the power and versatility of free-thinking and expression

Regardless of the brief, we value the benefits of recycling and sourcing natural materials locally. This brings us closer to assimilating design into the existing environment introducing a distinctiveness that extends to conservation and sustainability.

To make a lasting impression naturally, let’s talk about working together on your next bespoke project.

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