Creating destinations for community engagement.

The result of shaping environments and creating structures is most effective when coupled with a project-specific community engagement plan. This is often necessary because simply building it doesn’t always mean they will come. Far better, in our experience, to work to understand the tenets of the brief, the wishes, assets and aspirations of the community as a whole and how best to pave the way to engagement. Sustainable engagement.

Talking with clients through their aims and objectives helps to define the tools required and paths towards:

  • Designing and creating spaces that feature the requirements of community-based activities
  • Establishing and assimilating activities, accompanying structures and built environments into the project space and wider community
  • Sustaining interest in the intended use throughout the lifespan of the project and
  • Self-perpetuating engagement or a cultural acceptance and value being assigned to the nominated space.

“Community engagement has a lot to do with a sense of ownership and a desire to actively participate in events, interact and attract interest, and interests from further afield.”

Kathy Bawden, Director, highlighting underlying keys to community design work

Clients return to Outerspace because their stakeholders are increasingly engaged and invested in the spaces we have created for their community. Working together to keep people enjoying their environment together is a guiding principle to which we adhere.

We’d like to hear from you about community-based projects that you’re ready to action.

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