Landscape Architecture

Out there designs for everybody.

Talking through the aims and aspirations of your project with people who are familiar with every step required to achieve them, means you can confidently expect the achievement of your vision. Being a multidisciplinary team means that we can listen attentively, contributing to ideas and processes regardless of whether your brief traverses different functions and aesthetics. Why? Because your brief will always come under the umbrella of Landscape Architecture – our area of expertise. The Outerspace difference is that while others may specialise in only a few disciplines, our specialty is being innovative, surprising and successful across all of them.

Our depth of experience within the Landscape Architecture suite of services means we can:

  • Understand the big picture, ensuring robust master planning before moving to detailed drawings
  • Create immersive spaces spanning landscapes and structures with environmental design
  • Optimise liveability and wellbeing through thoughtfully conceived Urban design regardless of scale
  • Draw and invite participation from all walks of life through community engagement
  • Ensure the timely delivery of the space you envisioned leveraging our Project management experience and expertise

In short, landscape architecture serves as an accessible term for the design work that delivers sustainable change for the better across the public realm.

To discuss an outdoor transformation you may have in mind, contact our team.

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