Play design: when your job is fun.

Children love to play and all they need to embark on their next exciting adventure along the path to further development are areas that nurture and feed their natural curiosity. If it was that simple, fulfilling, safe and beneficial play sessions would happen all the time, everywhere.

Local governments continue to add to the 70+ public realm and educational school play spaces we have designed and created because they know that we:

  • Understand play theory and how that should shape and influence design
  • Enjoy challenging ourselves, clients and children to explore new worlds full of fun and wonder
  • Captivate and fire the imaginations of the young and young at heart with designs that form the foundations of adventures, discoveries and enduring memories

Innovative and immersive structures and spaces are also designed with physical and cognitive development in mind. Which is why we keep ourselves up to date and across current standards and best practice. Aside from the important work we do in the realm of educational play, we are also passionate about working with and within the natural environment. Engaging children using their natural surroundings is also a very effective learning tool as well as teaching an appreciation for how nature enriches our lives.

It sounds like a lot of work behind the scenes and in many ways, it’s a labour of love. As with all our work, we see client satisfaction, if not delight, as a non-negotiable deliverable. And that goes double for our smallest stakeholders too.

As always, we would welcome the opportunity for a serious talk about fun times working with you on your next play area project.

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