Creating real life environments for real people.

First impressions will form the moment a member of the public or even a client enters a space, utilises facilities or interacts with the surroundings but the designed environmental look and feel will influence their longer-term opinions.

At Outerspace, we focus on how you would like the people most important to you, to feel act and interact within and beyond the environment we create. To achieve this, our landscape architects increase the marketability and value of external environments by offering:

  • Landscape architecture bringing visions to life on an all-encompassing scale and scope
  • Green infrastructure for the sustainability and integration of the natural and developed environment
  • Urban design to enhance the liveability and enjoyment of life within the metropolitan community
  • Playspaces that encourage active, participatory development and learning through play
  • Community focus – engagement and involvement become keys to communal ownership

Our mix of experienced industry experts and vibrant young creatives defines holistic client experiences from creative conception through to inspired completion. We have a personal stake in each project we conceive and manage because creating spaces that work for you, the environment and those that matter most, is all part of the Outerspace DNA.

We work with those who want to make an impression

People understand the positive impact a well-designed, expertly managed landscape architecture project can have on a particular space and the local community. Not everyone understands how best to bring their vision to life. That’s why our consultative approach to planning, design, contract administration and project management makes our services so accessible to:

  • Local and State Government
  • Architects, engineers and project managers
  • Developers and builders
  • Industry creatives

Designing and creating landscapes and features that add value to the built environment is our core business, our passion and our area of expertise.