Great Murray Darling Junction Reserve, Mildura NSW

Project OverviewProject Overview

Client Wentworth Shire

Scope Concept Design, Design Documentation, Construction Administration

Location Wentworth NSW / Latje Latje & Barkandji

Collaborations MLEI Consulting Engineers, EBS Ecology, GTA Consulting, Danson Blaby Surveyors

Year 2020

A most significant site – for first nations peoples and for all who visit this country. It is positioned in the moment that the Murray and the Darling Rivers meet. The cumbungi sway in the wind as the rivers lap on both sides…
This design is a step towards reconciliation, cultural sensitivity and positive environmental response. The circular forms sweep around a culturally significant tree and wrap fire places and seating elements, inviting all to pause and reflect on the significance of this place, and also the country broadly.
The reserve upgrade improves visitors experience while preserving the cultural heritage and revitalising the native mainland.
The Wentworth Shire and region has been shaped and developed by the presence of the Murray/Darling River system has a rich cultural heritage and contains significant items of natural Aboriginal and European Heritage. Wentworth contains some of the first Aboriginal occupation in Australian history and the River Murray, its lakes and tributaries contain artefacts including middens and burials.
With a mixed team of skills and expertise, we developed Concept Plans, Design Development and Detailed proposals for the reserve. The project included locally sourced materials.

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