Port MacDonnell Urban Design Framework and Master Plan, SA

Community engagement and planning for the future

Project OverviewProject Overview

Client District Council of Grant

Scope community consultation, concept design and report development

Location Port MacDonnell, SA / Ngaranga

Collaborations MasterPlan Pty Ltd, Ian Robertson Design

Year 2013 - 2014

Understanding both the lay of the land and community sentiment is key to future engagement and an important element of master planning. The consultative process undertaken to gather instructive and robust data resulted in meaningful information that would form the basis for concept plans and sketches.
The urban design framework suggests upgrades and developments whose aesthetic changes would satisfy the wants of the local community but also attract those from out of areas. As always, a high regard for the environment means that as much as possible, local materials and features would be utilised to limit the impact on the surroundings while increasing access and general appeal.

Community engagement, information capture and data analysis remain a strength within the Outerspace team. Only by having a firm handle on the aspirations and assets of the people and surrounding areas can plans for sustainable upgrades be made with confidence and the assurance that all party’s interests will be served.

Consultations, engagement, progress

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