Memorial Gardens and Playspace, Prospect SA

Enlivening an iconic park is child’s play

Project OverviewProject Overview

Client City of Prospect

Scope Concept Design, community consultation and detailed design

Location Menzies Crescent, Prospect, SA / Kaurna

Year 2011 - 2016

Awards Public Engagement + Community Planning Award, South Australian PIA Awards 2015. Commendation, Public Engagement + Community Planning, National PIA Awards 2016

Listening to the community is a vital step towards creating a space that is embraced by and, in return, enchants its users. With the opportunity to make a positive impact on the region’s premier parks and sporting grounds, Outerspace sought and considered a variety of opinions and possibilities, settling on the concept of an “enchanted garden”. This would be a kind of playground for the 5 senses as well as the young and young at heart. An environment wherein the community could immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and scents of the natural surrounds. A place where they could thrill to complementary built elements that playfully pushed the boundaries, attractions that ignited and challenged young minds to keep up with their imaginations.

A giant treehouse, the first of its kind in South Australia is encircled by a colourful toadstools ring, fragranced by an aromatic garden and flanked by a mound slide and waterplay. This three-stage project, a visually exciting nod to youthful exuberance, challenged us to channel the inner child while pragmatically designing an environment that enhanced the surrounding gardens. Not exactly child’s play but then again…

A playspace for the children, an asset to the community

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