Taikurrendi Children & Family Centre

A commitment to culture, community and kids

Project OverviewProject Overview

Client Department for Education and Child Development (DECD)

Scope Concept design, documentation, tendering and contract administration

Location Christies Beach, SA

Collaborations Viesturs Cielens Design, Cath Cantlon, DPTI

Year 2012 - 2013

Awards Kidsafe National Playspace Awards 2014 - Highly Commended

Gaining a close understanding of the purpose of built environments is key to their effectiveness and sustainable ability to provide for the needs of the community. Developing concepts and designs that would literally open the door to “closing the gap” between indigenous and non-indigenous people was an important and weighty task. One that the multidisciplinary team at Outerspace embraced in the true spirit of inclusiveness.

In depth consultation is always the key but here, the detail, cultural sensitivity and creative references that would ultimately determine the project’s success formed the cornerstone on which the designs were built. With purpose-driven collaborations aimed squarely at delivering positive outcomes, Outerspace was congratulated by the management of the DECD:

“…I along with my colleagues, would like to congratulate all involved in the presentation and quality of the plans provided, they are of a very high standard and align closely with the departments Vision and Values Statement for Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Environments and the principles outlined in the draft design brief.”

Extensive consultation with Aboriginal elders, artists, builders, external auditors meant that as well as being compliant with Australian Standards, the Centre gave children the opportunity to experience:

  • Regionally significant Dreamtime artwork featuring bush tucker palettes
  • Drop off points with sheltered waiting areas, perfect for “yarning” that blend seamlessly into the environment
  • Cultural celebrations, ceremonies and events at a purpose-built area featuring a fire pit and stage

These features have been enveloped in a mix of plants and materials informed by preferred Indigenous lifestyles, spirituality and culture. A lot has been planned and even more achieved but that’s what true commitment demands.

Creating special places and spaces for cultural growth

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