Torrens Rail Junction

Developing the future, preserving the past

Project OverviewProject Overview

Client Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure, Connexion Alliance

Vital to the acceptance and ultimately success of the Torrens Rail Junction project is the integration of amenities, structures and facilities as well as an homage to the enduring character of the area. As part of the wider project team, Outerspace is enriching the local area with plaza spaces, bespoke seating using materials that capture the sites historic industrial character. Local reference points such as the adjacent Bowden Village Precinct informed design features creating a seamless transition from one area to the next.

Understanding the flow and behaviours and requirements of the public was key to designing key spaces but just as important to a project of this size and scope is the ability and experience to successively collaborate with other functions and disciplines. Major infrastructure developments and upgrades require both an integrative and holistic view of the project to achieve sustainable community benefits and Outerspace was able to provide these key elements.

Infrastructure, collaboration and preservation to keep Adelaide moving

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